Monday, November 12, 2007

Random quotation.

My old friend Cycho Librarian (still the only person I know who has built their own hammer dulcimer) has tagged me for a random quote.

This is evidently how it works- you turn to page 161 of the current book you're reading and post the fifth sentence from that page. You then tag five other bloggers. So here goes nothing!

I'm currently re-reading, for the fourth or fifth time, the Big Book of Conspiracies from the Factoid Books series. I picked it back up after reading one too many 9/11 conspiracy theory articles lately. I always find it interesting when faced with a giant new conspiracy theory to go back and re-read about some of the classics. Before you ask, I'm leaving my opinions about 9/11 out of this, lest I am besieged.

So on to the quote- page 161 comes in the middle of a chapter called "Lone Nut Family Tree". I won't even get into detail about the chapter, since, as with all conspiracy theories, it's next to impossible to relate without relating the whole thing verbatim. Anyways, page 161 talks a bit about Sirhan Sirhan, and then sentence five begins a transition into a new rant:

"Sometimes it seems as if the roots of assassination are everywhere, tangling through virtually every killing cult and secret society known to man..."
And so who shall I pick to be the next five tagees? Hmm- let's go with metc, yarn ho, mishka, vegan chai and river selkie. Your turn, gang!

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Anonymous said...

man, i thought i was standing on "safe base" and had called, tag time out! :)

ok. i'll post to ye old quote meme.