Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pat Robertson: Stretching is great, yoga is evil

I don't know about you, but I try to live my life in the exact opposite manner than Pat Robertson instructs. So when I saw this, I knew I made the right move in deciding to sign up for yoga class again, starting in February. Also, by posting this on my blog, I will remember to sign up, and not want to embarrass myself by not going after I'd told the whole internet I was going to. Right?

Pat also sort of hates karate, but I've been down that karate road before, and I'm not going there again. There just weren't enough "demon spirits" involved for my liking.


girl least likely to said...

ha! i do yoga and my husband teaches karate, so i just forwarded both links. enjoy your new class!!

Cycho Librarian said...

Oh yes, because Krishna was so evil with his teachings that a good king should care for the poor and downtrodden. Jesus would never believe such things!