Saturday, November 24, 2007

Home now.

Back in Champaign now. Allow me to regale you with a brief review of the airports we visited on this trip:

1. Indianapolis: Nice place, very easy to get to from here. Parking wasn't cheap, but it rarely is anymore. Had a nice veggie burger and a beer before getting on the plane, so can't really complain.

2. Detroit: the Detroit airport is evidently the Philadelphia airport of the midwest- it's not the biggest, but just about every flight going east seems to go through it. I love that the terminal tram goes over your head. :)

3. Harrisburg: I really do like what they've done with the new terminal here- it's spacious, there's a Starbucks, and the little glass enclosures they make the smokers use are quite entertaining to the rest of the passengers!

4. Pittsburgh: The neat part of the Pittsburgh airport is the mall-type shopping in the middle of all the terminals. The rest of the airport isn't much to write home about. And it was pretty obvious that US Airways cutting back on most of its flights out of Pittsburgh has had a huge impact on the number of passengers- there were a lot of empty gates as we pulled up, and there weren't a lot of people generally.

All in all, a nice trip- but it's really nice to be home. Horatio wasn't all that happy when we got home, but he'll be alright. I just won't tell him that we're leaving again in a few weeks. :)

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