Sunday, November 09, 2008

Knitting. And algebra.

Some weekends are full of football and beer; naps on the couch and comfort food. Not this weekend, although the weather certainly called for all of these and more. No, this weekend I took a different tack.

That's me, knitting (MEtC couldn't resist taking a picture...) Regular readers will remember when I bought this yarn, more than a year ago. Well, after a few fitful starts, I finally got a few rows done, and was working along happily when we realized that I was not knitting the rib I thought I was doing, but was, in fact, doing a seed stitch. Which led to a complete frogging and re-imagining of the project. Instead of trying to do a three-in-one balaclava combination, I've decided to just do a two in one hat/neckwarmer combo. We'll see how this attempt goes. Maybe next year, you'll get to see a finished product. :)

I spent a good part of the rest of the weekend studying algebra, so the first time in 15 some odd years. See, I've developed an ambition to go back to school, to study economics. I love the subject, and enjoy dorking out about it endlessly. The hiccup in the plan from the beginning has been the mathematical component. I've never been what you would call a "math person", and in fact my last math class was a trigonometry class with Mr. Ossman back during my junior year of high school. I had not, until recently, ever looked back. Well, that's got to change, so I've decided to put my toes back in the water by taking a math class or two at the local community college. In order to do this, I've got to take a math assessment test. It was in reviewing the materials for the assessment test that I realized just how out of practice I was. So I spent several hours at the library today, trying to stretch out the math muscles. We shall see what sort of outcome I come up with...

Now, if you don't mind, I've got to get back to my Nature special on monkeys.

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