Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where would YOU live?

I'm going to throw this out to all y'all on the interwebs- given the choice between moving to lovely Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and Austin, Texas, where would you move, and why??? Do tell...


Cycho Librarian said...

Austin. The weather's better. Music scene's better too.

girl least likely to said...

austin, absolutely no question.

if you're a fan of summer, and/or not a fan of winter, there's no contest. the city is much more hip/fun, with tons of options. the food is ridiculously good (i once heard that there are more restaurants there per capita than any other city, but i don't know if that's still true). there's boatloads of live music, which i know you like. the town is a liberal oasis of professors, artists, musicians, hippie types, and students in texas, which is a fun paradox. it's a cute town. there are amazingly awesome bats. and it's EXTREMELY veg-friendly.

you simply must choose austin. heh.