Monday, March 19, 2007

Haven't we had enough?

As we enter the fifth year of an interminable war, I'd like to have a quick reminder of why we're there. That's right it's two men with the smallest winkies known to man, you know em, you love em:

As of this morning, 3,197 American citizens have died as a direct result of the actions (or lack thereof) of these two men. Add to that countless Iraqis and soldiers from other countries, and you seriously have to wonder how they sleep at night.

Because the rest of us certainly aren't. We're occupied by thoughts of loved ones, friends, people we've known who have been sent off to fight to try and bring about the endtimes that these two geniuses dream of so breathlessly. We, as Americans, want our country to be safe. But we also want all of its citizens to be safe. Which means we don't want them being sent into harm's way ANY MORE.

Dubya. Turd Blossom. Listen to me. Enough is enough. We don't want your stinking war anymore. You can end it. Bring our citizens home.


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