Sunday, April 22, 2007

My poor eggplant...

It was a delightful Sunday morning and I was heading home after a nice hour spent at my favorite pitch n' putt. I made the last turn onto my street, and the exact thought running through my head was "I should check the mail."

And all of a sudden, chaos. Some holy roller on her way home from the church down the street came barreling down the alley that intersects the street and didn't slow down or look. And she smacked right into me, turning me sideways, after which I ran into a beautiful '67 Mercedes that was parked on the street.

It happened so fast, yet right now, just a few hour later, all I can see when I close my eyes is that instant when I realized what was going on and I was instinctively trying to get the car under control. It's a wee bit harrowing.

I'm okay- my shoulder and neck hurt, which probably had more to do with the seatbelt than anything. Thankfully, nobody was in my passenger seat at the time. The car is likely a loss- the pillar between the two doors was pushed in a good three or four inches. Unfortunately, I won't get an estimate until tomorrow at the earliest.

Oh, for the uninitiated, "the eggplant" refers to the car being deep purple on the outside and sort of a tannish gey on the inside.

I'll miss it. :(

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Michelle said...

RIP Eggplant. You will be missed,