Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who knew?

I'd kept my skeptical hat on for a long time, hedging the bet that the Dems would win both houses- because, yeah, I figured the Repugs would find a way to steal it away. I guess it's harder than I thought to steal 400 elections at once, eh?

Now that all this politicking is over, I can start to think about the holidays. Well, the food, really. I've no room for the meaning of Thanksgiving- invasions and removing native cultures to me are not the best reasons for expressing thanks to some abstract supernatural leader. And the only thing to take away from Christmas is that we should be nicer to each other on a far more regular basis than when we think some fat man is watching. But the chance for a Tofurkey roast and some delish mashed postatoes, sign me up. :)

Time for another video share- I think this one's a stunner:

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