Thursday, November 02, 2006

Here's what bothers me about November 7th.

I am thrilled with the idea that many conservative Republicans will be out on their collective ear after the election this coming Tuesday. What scares me though, is that the Democrats that take their place won't get the real message...

People aren't interested in making a change because of party affiliation, or because of the choice of tie colors. Voters are tired of the government intruding into their bedrooms and doctor's offices. They're tired of their kids' favorite school programs being cut because of a budget crisis, or because the school needs to spend more time preparing them for a culturally biased standardized test. They're downright sick and tired of their government, the people their taxes go to pay for, legislating hate and ruling through fear.

So here's what needs to be done. Viewership for all three C-SPAN channels needs to go through the roof. We need to read the newspaper, scour the internet, and talk to our friends, so that every single eligible voter in any given electoral district is aware of what THEIR representative is doing for THEM. And if they're not doing their jobs- there are recall opportunities, there are the next elections to prepare for, there are ways to take action and make them take notice.

The only way the Repubicans can maintain power is with a low voter turnout. It's easy to fix an election when no one's looking. So if you care about anything, you've got to get out there and vote. I don't want to hear any excuses, get out there...


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