Monday, January 07, 2008

News Flash: Politician admits to language faux pas, has a good laugh.

How do you know when you're in the driver's seat as a political candidate? When you can make statements like this.

"I've been campaigning a lot," he said. "And you know I say, 'The time for change has come.' The other day I said, 'The time for come has changed.' And I have to admit, everybody still clapped."

I will say this- I've listened to quite a few of Obama's speeches on C-SPAN, and he is incredibly impressive. I may be alone in this, but back in the day, when Bill Clinton would give one of his more impassioned speeches, I would get chills, and feel very emotionally connected to what he was saying. Obama gives me a lot of the same feelings. My only real questions around him are his policy items. He talks a good game, but where does he actually stand? With a February 5th primary here in Illinois, I intend to find out soon.

I'll say this- I really feel that if the general election comes down to Obama and McCain (as some have predicted), it's going to be like watching Clinton-Dole- you're just going to feel sorry for the old guy as the youngster runs circles around him.


Miss E said...

I remember listening to Obama's DNC speech while driving on the highway four years ago - I got home before it ended but sat in the car with goosebumps until he finished. After that he just *exploded* on the political scene.

What concerns me the most about Obama as a potential candidate is his lack of experience - he's certainly a passionate and appealing candidate, but I worry that his lack of a record is going to hurt him.

Cycho Librarian said...

See, that's what I love about Obama. How many politicians could openly admit that? He just commuicates so simply and clearly and accessibly. Honestly, as long as he's not talking crazy on policy points, I'd vote for someone like that who can actually connect with people and LEAD over someone who has the policy all worked out. Heck, the policy will change within the first year anyway, and the President's first job is always to find really smart people who can help define good policy. I'm voting based on the candidate's ability to pick and lead those people, and Obama seems to have it.

stegan said...


I agree to a point about the experience factor, but then I read this article, and I'm not as concerned anymore. I feel like he's got enough optimism and cajones to get past any lack of experience.

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